History of Slot Machines and Online Slots

Slots machines are one of the oldest casino game present in the modern gambling world. Slots was started in the 20th century and are famous since then. Below is the history of slots machine.

Slots in 1981- In the 1981, the world first saw the slot machine invented by Sachs and Pittman. This machine had a very simple design and consists of 5 drums that contain the symbol of poker hand. There was no pay out given to the winners of this game instead they were rewarded with the free drinks

4 years later the slots were redesigned and were built the way we see them now. These slots machine were developed by Charles Fey. Upon getting the matching symbols, the machine would give its players the cash pay outs. These cash pay outs were the main reason for the popularity of the slots machines. However this could not go long way as the anti gambling groups got these banned in the beginning of the 20th century. This ban continued for a short time period and the slots rise again.

Then in Las Vegas the trend started and the electronic slots took control of the slots games. since these were more secure so the cheating was reduced.

Then later the Random number generator technique was developed that took over the electronic slots machine. This slots machines generated the unique number making it further secure and the results unpredictable of every spin.

The slots remain the same until the casinos came online. However the technique used is the random number generator. Many players love this game both on land and online. Many online casinos like Holiday Palace has different variations of the slots machines to cater to the different age groups so that players from any age group can play slots machines. Various themed slot machines are now available in the online casinos to make the slots machines more appealing and exciting.

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